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Planning a Move Checklist

By Design Planning a Move Checklist Preparing to move an office or business can be a lot more complicated than moving a household. Preparing is key and ensuring that everything on your list is complete is essential. Use this quick checklist as a guide to keep your company move on track. Determine a Time Frame [...]

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Packaging Bins

Packaging Bins 1. Plastic containers and lids will be available for advance packaging purposes. 2. All items smaller than the box must be packed in a box, including fragile articles. 3. Paper for wrapping fragile items, coloured labels and ties will be provided by the movers, if required. 4. DO NOT OVERLOAD CONTAINERS. 5. It [...]

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Moving Instructions

Moving Instructions • For moving purposes each workstation and other areas have to be numbered to assist the moving company. These numbers identify the locations in the new area/building. • Every article being moved must have a move label showing the location in the new office. • Labels will be supplied by mover. • All [...]

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How to communicate the move to your Employees

How to communicate the move to your Employees Most organizations that have more than a handful of people need to have a strong communications strategy for both internal and external communications. Whether it is notifications about policy changes, day-to-day procedures, or anything under the sun, employees need to know about important things. This also [...]

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