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How to Avoid Commercial Moving Nightmares

You are ready to move your office.  You called 5 times to have your moving bins delivered. They were delivered dirty and without labels.  You are outside your building with your staff anxiously pacing the sidewalk  waiting for the movers on moving day only to find out the movers have double booked you and have advised you that they will be there at 3:00 p.m. and not 9:00 a.m. as promised. Oh and by the way, they charge extra after 4:00 p.m..

How can we avoid this scenario?  3 Easy Steps

Find a reputable Commercial moving company

Book a reputable company. Talk to friends, colleagues and find out who they may have used to move their office and how well did it go.  If it was a great move then get their number.  If you don’t know someone that has made a move recently then do some research.  Go online and make some calls, meet with the movers and ask the right questions. Find out the prices. Cheap is not always a good thing and overpaying may not be the answer either. Do the movers have an WSIB certificate? They should. Do they have references? Ask for them.

Put it in writing

Get the company for put the quote in writing.  Have them advise the estimated time they expect the move to take, the estimated cost of the move, and make sure both you and the mover are clear on what needs to be done. Put the job on paper so it is clear to everyone.

Communication is crucial

Stay in communication with the movers.  Provide them with clear instructions on what is expected for the move.  If you are uncertain about anything at all you should feel comfortable talking with your supervisor on site before and during the move.  Despite the meticulous planning and organization that goes on before a move there may still be circumstances that may arise that need to be addressed.  Most commercial moving companies take pride in their work and want the customer to be satisfied.

Happy Moving!!



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