You have picked your reputable commercial mover.  You are comfortable you will get the job done right and in a timely manner.  Now as you look out into the oasis of faces, desks, copiers and filing cabinets you wonder how amI going to get everyone ready to make this move.  The favourable outcome of your move will depend on many things but especially on your ability to deal with changing circumstances and unanticipated events.  Meticulous preparation and good organization will help make the move go smoothly and also give you the opportunity to deal with unforeseen situations calmly knowing everything else should go well.

Essentials Prior to a Packing day

Plan Plan Plan

Put together a comprehensive plan of action. Who will move and when? Where will everything be placed? What will be moved first? How do you want things to be done?  Communicate your plans with the staff and the movers. Please use your Commercial movers to help in your plan.  They have done these moves many times and have experience.   After all, you know this, as you hired the best.


Give your employees instructions on how to pack their belongings in their bins and how to best label their bins.  If something is packed well but can’t find its way back to that staff member after the move there will be a lot time wasted looking for bins.  Ask your moving company to provide labels for the bins or boxes, they will gladly supply them.

Packing supplies

Most moving companies have/can provide bubble wrap, plastic wrap, bins, packing paper and other items that will help limit items getting damaged.  Packing computers and copiers is best left up to the professionals.  Speak to your movers and have them make arrangements to have them packaged and transported safely on the day of the move.


So many keys get lost and misplaced during a move.  They even get packed into boxes. For boxes not labeled correctly it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Make sure staff know what the procedure is for keys and all will be great when they arrive at their new work space.

Double Check

It certainly doesn’t hurt to double check the plans and make sure  everyone is on board. Remember the key is to have the move well organized so that any unforeseen circumstances can be dealt with quickly and easily on the day of the move.

Happy Moving!!