Efficiency: Cardboard boxes are inefficient and if you are looking for a stress free moving experience Green Moving Bins is the way to go! Green Moving Bins are dust proof, water proof, easy to stack and offer impact protection to your property. You do not have to go on a cardboard hunt every time you move as these rental boxes will be delivered directly to your doorstep and if they are not enough there are always additional ones to ease your relocation. Secondly, Green Bins can be stacked faster and higher without danger of crumbling and crushing your valuables.

Cost Effective: Opting to rent Green Moving bins is much cheaper than buying a large number of used or new cardboard boxes. We will help you ascertain the appropriate number of Green bins that will cater for all your moving requirements. Our Green bins help ease moving and packing since they are pre-assembled and easy to nest and stack. If you have hired movers working on the hour it will be faster to package your valuables and move saving you lots of cash. Once you are done with unpacking you will not have to worry about waste disposal costs as when using cardboard boxes. Once you have unpacked, we will come and pick them up at your new home or office.

Eco-Friendly: Green Bins are eco-friendly, recyclable plastic boxes that endeavor to revolutionize moving by making sure it is clean and waste free. Cardboards boxes are of the past: They deteriorate the environment since trees have to be cut down to manufacture them and after one or two moves, they have to be discarded increasing corrugated waste in the environment. Be part of the change next time you move by renting Green Moving Bins. Our Green bins are inspected, de-labeled, cleaned and sanitized after every move to give you only the best and safest moving facilities.