over 25 years experience

Our exclusive focus on commercial moving allows us to be experts in our field.  We provide supervisors, project managers, qualified installer staff, movers, IT professionals, the best equipment and so much more.

We are trusted by several Fortune 500 companies because we are professional, reliable, and cost effective.

We know that every move is different and presents unique challenges…(more)

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workstations, computer accessories, offices

At By Design Commercial Moving Solutions our professional installers are experienced in the installation techniques of most major office furniture brands like Herman Miller, Maxon, Steelcase, Teknion, Inscape, Haworth, Urban office and many more…(more)

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workstations, furniture, offices

Businesses are always in a state of transition.  Perhaps your employees are working more from home due to the current pandemic, or you have added employees to your numerous departments because business is doing so well, or you have decided your company focus will require more creative spaces to help employees enjoy their work environment and thereby increasing productivity…(more)

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onsite or new location

Is it time to move to a new building or a new floor? Is it time to change the carpets or paint the walls.  How do you move 400 people from across town? How do you move 2 people across the hall.  We know that those decisions can be overwhelming and even daunting so rely on our expertise and know how…(more)

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Time for new furniture? Phasing out a department? What to do with all the filing cabinets, desks, workstations? By Design Commercial Moving Solutions can help you dispose of furniture in a way that is environmental friendly or find your furniture a new home so it does not end up in our already overloaded city dumps…(more)

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pack and move

When it’s time to move we are ready at By Design our environmentally friendly sanitized green bins(yes, they actually are green) are the perfect solution for moving employee items on moving day.  The process could not be any simpler.  A week before the move we drop of our green bins with packing instructions, colour coded labels, packing material and plastic ties…(more)

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short and long term

Moving a corporate office is never easy nor is moving the President’s desk. Each scenario requires planning and support.  What items do your employees need right away, what can wait? While decisions are being made and changed regularly we can provide temporary storage for those items you are not quite sure you will need now or in the future…(more)

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disconnects and reconnects

Our team is professionally trained to disconnect your computers, monitors, docking stations, phones, printers, monitor arms and cords safely…(more)

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hangars, planes, cool stuff

Hangars, Planes, Cool Stuff

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