Commercial Moving Checklist

Moving Instructions

  1. For moving purposes each workstation and other areas have to be numbered to assist the moving company. These numbers identify the locations in the new area/building.
  2. Every article being moved must have a move label showing the location in the new office.
  3. Labels will be supplied by mover.
  4. All items that fit must be placed in the plastic boxes applied by the mover.
  5. By Design Commercial Moving Solutions will only move items that are correctly labelled.
  6. All packaging must be completed by the day of the move.
  7. Large garbage bags will be provided by your employer for items being discarded during your house cleaning, as well as for cleaning out waste receptacles. Waste receptacles being moved to a new building must be empty prior to mover taking them. We encourage recycling wherever possible.
  8. Personal property must be taken home prior to packing. By Design Commercial Moving Solutions cannot be responsible for the transfer of any personal property to the new premises.



  1. Label should be marked with a black felt-tipped marker.
  2. For moving purposes, each workstation and private office, as well as other areas, has been numbered to assist the moving company. These numbers identify your location in the new building.
  3. Every article being moved to the new location must have a move label identifying the location in your new office. If the article separates into pieces, each piece must have label.
  4. When affixing labels to the file cabinets that are to be placed in rows, ensure that cabins are marked in the order they are to be placed in the new location.
  5. The labels do not adhere securely to upholstered furniture, in such cases, the labels should be affixed to the metal or wood armrests of the chair with upholstered backs. Where arms are upholstered, the labels can be applied to the chair legs or shafts.
  6. Chair cushions and sofa cushions should be labelled as they may become separated during the move. Labels should be pinned on if necessary.
  7. All items for each employee should be marked with the proper location number. This includes your desk, chair, desk blotter, file cabinet and to the boxes containing the contents of your desk and cabinet. Boxes should be numbered ON THE SIDE (not on the top)



  1. Plastic containers will be available for advance packaging purposes.
  2. All items smaller than the box must be packed in a box, including fragile articles.
  3. Paper for wrapping fragile items will be provided by the movers, if required.
  4. DO NOT OVERLOAD CONTAINERS. It is important that containers are not packed past the top edge to allow for closure and stacking.

Desks and Credenzas

  1. Pack all contents of your desk in the plastic containers which will be provided three days before the move.
  2. Empty your desk completely.