Moving Instructions

• For moving purposes each workstation and other areas have to be numbered to assist the moving company. These numbers identify the locations in the new area/building.

• Every article being moved must have a move label showing the location in the new office.

• Labels will be supplied by mover.

• All items that fit must be placed in the plastic boxes applied by the mover.

• By Design Commercial Moving Solutions will only move items that are correctly labelled.

• All packaging must be completed by the day of the move.

• Large garbage bags will be provided by your employer for items being discarded during your house cleaning, as well as for cleaning out waste receptacles. Waste receptacles being moved to a new building must be empty prior to mover taking them. We encourage recycling wherever possible.

• Personal property must be taken home prior to packing. By Design Commercial Moving Solutions cannot be responsible for the transfer of any personal property to the new premises.

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