Commercial Moving Clients

The following is just small list of  our commercial moving clients. We work with companies large and small. Top Canadian Companies and Fortune 500 Companies Government Agencies We have security clearance from OSP to move government agencies. Foundations        

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How to Avoid Commercial Moving Nightmares

You are ready to move your office.  You called 5 times to have your moving bins delivered. They were delivered dirty and without labels.  You are outside your building with your staff anxiously pacing the sidewalk  waiting for the movers on moving day only to find out the movers have double booked you and have [...]

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Why Choose Green Moving Bins

Efficiency: Cardboard boxes are inefficient and if you are looking for a stress free moving experience Green Moving Bins is the way to go! Green Moving Bins are dust proof, water proof, easy to stack and offer impact protection to your property. You do not have to go on a cardboard hunt every time you [...]

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Essentials Prior to a Packing day

You have picked your reputable commercial mover.  You are comfortable you will get the job done right and in a timely manner.  Now as you look out into the oasis of faces, desks, copiers and filing cabinets you wonder how amI going to get everyone ready to make this move.  The favourable outcome of your [...]

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